Welcome to 3 Cheers For Care Bears! The first website I ever created related to my general obsession with these colorful fuzzy bears. I have been collecting the plush forms of the Care Bears for more than half of my life, and I now have an entire room filled with display shelves that house my entire Care Bear plushie collection. Feel free to have a look around!

The main reason I wanted to carry this over to Quagthistle.com is for the telescripts. For those of you who might ask, I don't know if I will do any more Care Bears telescripts or even finish the Wonderland one. The primary reasons I did telescripts in the first place were the extreme difficulty of getting some Care Bears episodes on tape and the fact that digitizing the episodes was, at the time, costly and produced inferior quality. Since the rerelease of these episodes on DVDs, I see little reason to spend the many hours necessary to make additional telescripts of Care Bears episodes. Writting a telescript requires, on average, 1 hour of work on my part for each minute of film.

I may, at some future date, digitize some of my others 80s tapes (like Belle and Sebastian) and offer them either on CDs (in MPEG or Real format) or perhaps on DVD (when they come down a bit more in price). I will not, however, be doing Care Bears episodes unless the people who own the copyright to those episodes and movies make it absolutely clear that they have no intention of rereleasing certain older episodes or movies that have not yet been rereleased on DVD. It seems to me that the people who own the copyrights to Care Bears are rereleasing all of the episodes and movies on DVDs over time, and I do not wish to hinder their profits by infringing upon their copyrights. If I ever do offer digitized copies of 80s shows, it will be shows that I am relatively certain no company will care that I am distributing, shows that no company seems interested in releasing on DVD or making any further money from. Due to the sensitive nature of such efforts (in the light of copyrights and legalities), I may or may not ever decide to do this. It would require a lot of time and effort on my part, and I don't particularly want to go through a court battle over copyrights and reparations if someone is upset by them.

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