These scripts are based on the TV shows and movies that are copyrighted (by Nelvana, I believe) and I try to give credit to the makers of each show in the credits section at the end of each script. These are not intended to be in violation of any copyrights and are purely for entertainment. While I did not write the original scripts for these shows, I have spent many hours writing the telescripts based on watching the show itself. It takes about an hour of typing and writing for each minute of film in each show. Please show respect for me and don't steal them and call them your own. If anyone would like to write a script, they are welcome to submit it and I will post it with a note about who wrote it. If you have any comments, suggestions, questions, or corrections, please email me. Thanks everyone and enjoy!


The Care Bears Adventure in Wonderland

The Long Lost Care Bears

The Care Bears Movie

UK Shorts

Lucky Charm

Soapbox Derby

Song Lyrics

The "Soapbox Derby" picture was scanned by Cary Benford, the webmistress of Care Bears Forever.
"The Care Bears Movie" picture was taken from an Ebay auction.
The rest are screen captures that I have made. Please respect my work.